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Ruwanwelle Veda Hamuduruwo (Sobitha) – HELUWA

Courtesy: Neth FM

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8 Responses to “Ruwanwelle Veda Hamuduruwo (Sobitha) – HELUWA”
  1. Manjula says:

    This is what I call “Investigative journalism” at its best. It is responsible reporting without any tricks. It is excellent work, all are original investigative recordings with names addresses etc rather than bling mud slinging, and first hand information rather than cutting and pasting pieces of rubbish you pick on the roadside just like what UK’s channal 4 does.

    Well done guys, you have set a great example to stupid UK journalists who made “killing fields” which would become a “killing field” for themselves once the truth comes out soon.

    The only problem is that those morons don’t understand Sinhalese so that they cannot learn from your radio program, but that is their problem.

  2. MANGALA says:

    yes manju they have dune good job we must encourage those gentlemen to keep doing such a programs weak our some of the sleeping intelligent service big bosses and this person is not a Buddhist monk just wearing yellow throbs to get advantage of it .we have good mechanism to recognize real any realigns representative to avoid those burgers this is my opinion like some ID issue by any related government department. some of the men and women working in foreign countries spending there money for those people to get some kind of solution for there personal problems back home ,her or his boss they thing they can get help with this kind for people. lot of doing this kind of activity if you go in net you will see Howe much things they are telling to catch people in aboard, last two weeks a go i meet one person in QATAR then we discuses those things then come to my attention that person did some thing to boss to get attention thru sri lanka living sri lanka like this sobitha according to the person after that boss be come very nice. I tri to explain what kind of foolish work that no use of that believing it very much and recommending to others as well, end of the story i know person paid about 10,000 Rupees for two spoon of sugar Came from lanka and gave to the boss mixing with fruit juice. Its came inside women bra i just laugh on that person until now am asking any more sugar business………

  3. Mal says:

    Thank you Neth FM You are courageous and we need Channels like this and journalists like you. Keep it up.

  4. Sisira says:

    Mangala what the F—k were you trying to say. I have never read anything so f—-ng meaningless in my life time.

  5. Amden says:

    This Fukin Wild Dog Sobitha is only 1 of who acting as an animal. There’re many animal monks in sl who are entitle to get fukin fun in the HELL…!

  6. Amden says:

    …and aren’t there such able ‘MEN’ who can cut this dogs p… at Ruwanwella..?
    Are they men who live at around this animal..?

  7. Amden says:

    Si seee…!
    Don’t get angry Sisi…
    This’s not readable but can hear…

  8. dee the grate says:


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