Month: November 2013

Swamy urges Jayalalithaa to nab LTTE operative

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday urged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to take immediate action on the Home Ministry’s communication to her seeking the State government’s assistance on the whereabouts of an LTTE operative, a Catholic Christian priest….

BMICH fire caused by ‘petrol leak’ – police

The fire which erupted at a temporary structure built within the BMICH premises this morning was not an act of sabotage and was caused by the leakage of petrol vapour from an oven built by a young inventor, the police spokesman said….

Fire breaks out at BMICH premises

A fire has erupted in a temporarily built building at the BMICH premises a short while ago and the fire brigade was called in to douse the fire, police said….

Sri Lanka axes 100 pct surcharge that has halted all gold imports

(Reuters) – Sri Lanka scrapped a 100 percent surcharge on gold imports and cut import duty with immediate effect, officials said on Friday, after measures imposed in mid-2013 to curb purchases of the metal from abroad halted them completely in the third quarter. Apart from removing the customs surcharge, the government cut import duty to…


British Prime Minister David Cameron may have highlighted alleged human rights issues in Sri Lanka because he had domestic collateral political considerations with an anticipated election in 2015, Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Britain Dr. Chris Nonis said in an interview with the BBC on Thursday….

Dharshan Weerasekera exposes Sri Lanka’s External Affairs Ministry’s deficient legal work

  – by Shenali D. Waduge  – Lawyer Mr. Dharshan Weerasekera’s highly analytical and insightful article titled “Illegality of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s approach to Sri Lanka’ appearing in ‘Foreign Policy Journal’ of 19 March 2013 and published in several Lankan internet websites and mainstream newspapers i.e. Daily News (November 28 and 29,…

Indian Navy Chief Calls on President Rajapaksa

The Chief of the Naval Staff of the Indian Navy Admiral D.K. Joshi called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the President’s Office this morning. During the meeting, the President, Admiral Joshi and the two delegations discussed several maritime topics of particular significance in the Indian Ocean region….

“The Last Phase” screened at the EU Parliament

The Documentary, “The Last Phase”, produced by an independent film crew, portraying the true story of a former female combatant and her family, as well as the ordeal they went through during the last couple of months of the conflict in Sri Lanka, as a human shield of the Tamil Tigers, was screened today (28th…

Special CID team to investigate Daniel Rexian murder

A special team of CID officers have been dispatched to the North to investigate the murder of 47-year-old Daniel Rexian, Chairman of the Delft local body, who was shot dead, Tuesday….

Govt. spends Rs. 2.8 bn for senior citizens’ allowances

Social Services Minister Felix Perera told Parliament yesterday that the government spent around Rs. 2,800 million annually on a monthly allowance of Rs. 1,000 for each low income senior citizen aged 70 or above….

Lanka-India Gold smuggling: 400g of gold seized at Madurai airport

Within days after catching a passenger who had stuffed two gold biscuits in his anus, the Customs officials at Madurai airport caught another passenger for attempting to smuggle four gold biscuits by tying them with a handkerchief under his left armpit….

Business as usual for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd., said yesterday, there is no legal impediment for the Company to continue with its production, distribution and sales….

Proud Sri Lankans – Buy Sri Lankan – Be Sri Lankan

– by Shenali D Waduge – The importance of culture, values, traditions, customs are all integrated into how a country’s identity is identified. It is this identity that gets passed down from generation to generation continued to preserve and protect what is held precious to the natives whose identity becomes a key part of who…

The Illegality of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s approach to Sri Lanka

– by Dharshan Weerasekera – Since the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka in May 2009, there have been four attempts by the UN, or associated with the UN, to pursue “accountability” with respect to alleged war crimes committed during the last phases of the war.  Two of those attempts have been on…

UNP owes Sirasa

UNP former Deputy Leader and Hambantota District MP, Sajith Premadasa, vehemently condemned the attempt to suppress Sirasa TV. He said that Sirasa TV provided reliable information to the public and as a media organization, it’s a strength to the country….

Two more suspects in Kamburupitiya murders dead

Another two suspects arrested in connection with the murder of a police constable and his wife in Kamburupitiya drowned after trying to flee police, Police spokesman said. The suspects had allegedly drowned in a lake in Benagama, Hakmana after trying to flee while they were taking a police team to show an arms cache….