Month: December 2013

Saudi royal faces death penalty for murder

A Saudi prince who murdered a fellow Saudi may be executed, a newspaper reported on Sunday, in a rare example of a member of the kingdom’s ruling family facing the death penalty….

Sri Lankan found dead on Maldives resort

A dead body washed up at an exclusive island resort in the Maldives yesterday where English football star David Beckham is taking a hideaway Christmas holiday with his family, police said Monday….

No fuel price hike in 2014

The government yesterday assured there will be no fuel price hike next year. Minister of Petroleum Industries, Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, so declared while addressing the media, and said the use of 90 octane petrol would be phased out, and would be replaced by the 92 octane category effective tomorrow (1 January)….

No decision on scholarship scrap

Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena said yesterday that the government had not taken a final decision on abolishing the Grade five scholarship examination….

Tamil Eelam aspirants must ask how ‘Liberated’ the people of Kosovo are?

  – by Shenali D Waduge – The lies to create Kosovo’s ‘independence’ are many. Allegation that 225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59 were missing or presumed dead was made by US Ambassador-at-large David Scheffer. It was an invention. In 2000, the International War Crimes Tribunal announced that the final count of…

Homagama PS Budget defeated again

The 2014 Budget of the UPFA-controlled Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha has been defeated for the second time by a majority of two votes….

Hot line to complain against police officers

National Police Commission Secretary T.M.K.B. Tennakoon said the commission has introduced a new telephone number for the public to complaint against police officers involved in wrongdoing….

President opens Dhakshina Paya today

Dhakshina Paya, the newly constructed seven storey Southern Provincial Council Ministry complex at Labuduwa, Galle, will be opened by President Mahinda Rajapaksa today….

Navy arrest 22 Indian fishermen

Sri Lanka Navy today arrested 22 Indian fishermen for illegally entering Sri Lankan waters….

Deported Journalist Claims Torture in Sri Lanka

Tamil Nadu journalist Tamil Prabhakaran arrived in Chennai on Saturday after the Sri Lankan Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) handed him over to the Immigration Department for deportation….

Tamil Eelam aspirants must ask how ‘Liberated’ Iraqi’s are?

– by Shenali D Waduge – It was to liberate the people and give them ‘freedom’ that Saddam, Milosovic, Gaddafi and countless other leaders were deposed and annihilated. The ethnic groups that line up to ask those that deposed these supposed ‘dictators’ to do the same in their countries and to ‘liberate’ them have to…

How do we solve a problem like Malinga?

Lasith Malinga was not happy. In the first One Day International this baby faced Pakistani rookie opener Sharjeel Khan had treated him with utter disdain. It hurt his pride….

A Comparison: Allied Forces treatment of German POWs and Sri Lankas’ Armed Forces treatment of Terrorist LTTE

  – by Shenali D Waduge – World War 2 took place over 70 years ago but Geneva Conventions did exist and the Allies were signatory to the Conventions. The Nazi soldiers were all members of the German army though Germany did not declare war on Allied Forces – the Allies declared war on Germany….

Micro camera in staff toilet: Minister couldn’t care less

Child Development and Women’s Affairs Minister Tissa Karaliyadda yesterday said that the incident where a micro-camera had been installed in a hospital staff toilet was not his concern as it did not come under his ministry’s purview….

Panicked by fire, passengers hit by another train: 3 killed

Three persons were killed and another two injured after jumping from the Matara-Kandy train when its engine caught fire at Wandurawa, hospital sources confirmed….

Another stock of Ethanol detected

Some 80 barrels consisting of 16,000 litres of Ethanol worth more than Rs.3.2 million and imported from Malaysia were taken into custody by Customs officials at the Orugodawatte container yard this morning….