Month: January 2014

New traffic plan at Pittala junction made permanent

The special traffic plan which was tried out yesterday at Pittala Junction to reduce traffic congestion in the area will now be made permanent. It will be in effect throughout the day from today, police spokesman Ajith Rohana said….

LTTE Accountability : Central Bank bombed 31 January 1996

– by Shenali D Waduge – The premeditated murder of innocent civilians was planned by LTTE on 31st January 1996. The time 10:45a.m. Premeditated murder is one of the most serious forms of homicide. The attack on Sri Lanka’s Central Bank was carefully planned, well thought out in advance and wilfully carried out on civilian…

Sri Lanka Accountability: Investigate LTTE-TNA allegiance

– by Shenali D Waduge – We agree with the US, UK, EU, UN and UNHRC head. There are serious allegations to be investigated. The onus is on the Government of Sri Lanka to immediately INVESTIGATE – how the LTTE emerged, who trained, armed and financially sponsored them and the most important link between a…

Navy arrests 38 Indian fishermen

Thirty-eight Indian fishermen have been arrested today by Sri Lankan navy for allegedly crossing the International Maritime Boundary line and venturing into Sri Lankan waters….

India, Sri Lanka discuss fishermen, resettlement issues

Foreign Ministers of India and Sri Lanka discussed proposals to eliminate maltreatment of fishermen, operationalise a trilateral maritime security pact in which the Maldives is a third partner, and review the pace of Indian-assisted resettlement work in the Tamil-dominated Northern Province, said official sources here on Wednesday….

Islandwide fuel shortage looms Drivers of private bowsers on strike

A shortage of fuel supply to parts of the island looms large with the Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners Association (CPPBOA) saying, drivers of their bowsers that distribute oil from the Muthurajawela Oil Storage Complex, have embarked on a strike….

250 plastic ballot boxes for Colombo

Elections Chief Mahinda Desapriya said today the Department would use see-through plastic ballot boxes imported from Kenya for the forthcoming elections to the Western Provincial Council….

UN Resolution on Legality of Arming Rebels/ Insurgents/ Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?

– by Shenali D Waduge – “If crime-fighters fight crime and fire-fighters fight fires, what do freedom fighters fight?” George Carlin The world finds difficulty in ushering peace because of the adage ‘one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist’. Wars resulted in victors and losers. Today, there are no wars instead there is the…

Woman arrested at BIA with fake notes

A Sri Lankan woman was arrested by the Customs officials at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) last night, for smuggling counterfeit currency into the country….

Rebuttal of False Allegations

It has been alleged by certain political activists in Jaffna that the Sri Lanka Army had stepped up monitoring patrols in Jaffna. This false allegation is completely baseless and represents the opposite of the actual situation….

Always Bipartisan Support for Sri Lanka, Australian Parliamentary Delegation Tells President

The Members of Parliament from Australia’s State of Victoria met President Mahinda Rajapaksa this morning at Temple Trees had two clear messages – that the transformation Sri Lanka has undergone since the end of the war is “highly impressive” and that there will always be bipartisan support for Sri Lanka in Australia….

Farmers Pension Scheme will be launched today

Farmers Pension Scheme that would reward the farmers in their old age for the sweat and energy shed by to feed the people of this country will be launched today by President Mahinda Rajapaksa….

International war crimes probe would bring ‘chaos’ – Weeratunga

An international inquiry into war crimes in Sri Lanka would bring “chaos,” and the government’s national reconciliation process must be given several more years to work, a top aide to Sri Lanka’s president said on Monday….

World Bank Commends Sri Lanka’s Achievements

Phillippe Le Houerou, World Bank Vice President for the South Asian Region, who is on a visit to the island commended Sri Lanka for its economic and other achievements when he met President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees this morning (27)….

Rupee slips from 1-week high on importer dollar demand; shares down

The Sri Lankan rupee slipped on Monday from its one-week high in the previous session due to importer dollar demand in the absence of any interventions by state banks, dealers said….

US back to Lies : Lied on Iraq WMD – Now lying about Sri Lanka War Crimes

US on Iraq : Colin Powell shows ‘evidence” – Result – Iraq invasion 1million Iraqi deaths, US citizens in debt – corporate America rich US Government and its officials lied to its citizens on Iraq US on Sri Lanka: Stephen Rapp and Michelle Sission show ‘evidence” in run-up to US sponsored Resolution against Sri LankaUS…