Month: September 2014

Prisoners to get telephone facilities

For the first time in Sri Lanka, the Prison Authorities have drawn it attention to provide telephone facilities for prisoners to facilitate them to speak to their relatives and loved ones….

Navy seize 1.7 kilos gold hidden in dingy

Navy seized a haul of 1.730 kilogrammes of gold which was hidden inside a fiber glass dingy on the beach in the Madagalthurei area of Kankasanthurai (KKS) yesterday….

India Jails Jayalalitha – Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu & Lessons for Sri Lanka

The sentence was short and sweet. The Judge John Michael D’Cunha 1,300-page judgment was as follows:…

Shots fired at Range Bandara’s hotel

Gunmen have opened fire at a hotel belonging to UNP MP Palitha Range Bandara in Karuwalagaswewa this morning, police said….

OIC chief to visit Sri Lanka

The head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will visit Sri Lanka on an invitation from Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, according to a senior official from the Sri Lankan Embassy….

‘Militarization’ in North Sri Lanka – Don’t believe stories. Go and see for yourself

The accusations of ‘militarization’ of North Sri Lanka are many. They come from the same culprits converging to meet the requirement of their funding sources with the ultimate goal of generating enough negative publicity so that the Government is forced to reduce/relocate its military from the strategic posts that it now protects. While, it is…

Ven. Ashin Wirathu – Welcome to Sri Lanka

The negative media campaign built against Ven. Ashin Wirathu has had its ripple effect. His message is drowned in a campaign that has projected him as a ‘Buddhist Terrorist’. In a world where 95% of violent conflicts around the world are Muslim together with the realization that behind all these Islamic groups are Western operatives…

President Rajapaksa and UN Secretary General meet in New York

The meeting between President Mahinda Rajapaksa and United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly Sessions was held at the U.N. Headquarters in New York City last evening (27 Sep)….

President Obama “No negotiations with terrorists: Lethal force is what they understand” – Sri Lanka used military force to eliminate terrorists while rescuing 300,000 people

George Bush Jnr once said ‘you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists’ – Sri Lanka took that advice. The key word is ‘terrorists’. Thankfully, LTTE became defined as terrorists not just in Sri Lanka but 32 nations inclusive of the USA. What is odd is that in delivering a speech on…

Range Bandara released on bail

UNP Puttalam District MP Palitha Range Bandara, who was arrested on trespassing and assault charges this morning, has been released on bail by the Puttalam Magistrate’s Court….

President Rajapaksa and India’s Prime Minister Modi Agree to Strengthen Relations

NEW YORK: President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held bilateral discussions this morning in New York City and agreed to work towards further strengthening relations between the two countries….

Existential fears of Buddhists in embattled Burma and Buddhist nations

Why has it become customary to view affairs only from the lens of Christian West nations and through their communication channels? If the world can ask ‘why is the world ignoring Myanmar’s Rohingyas’ why can’t the world ask ‘what are the fears of the Buddhists of Burma?”. When the world does not ask this all…


There is a common thread that runs through the histories of Buddhist countries; they have all been the victim at one time or the other of aggressive incursions made by people of Abrahamic faiths i.e. Christians or Muslims. This process has not ended. It still continues unabated and with greater ferocity. When prominence is given…

Top India politician Jayalalitha jailed for corruption

One of India’s most colourful and controversial politicians, Jayaram Jayalalitha, has been jailed on corruption charges in a high-profile case which has lasted for 18 years. The chief minister of the southern state of Tamil Nadu was found guilty of amassing wealth of more than $10m (£6.1m) which was unaccounted for….

Lankan man jailed for molesting shoppers

A Sri Lankan man who was arrested after he was caught on CCTV cameras molesting unaware shoppers in Al Rafaa, Dubai has been sentenced to three months in jail….

Presidential Election confirmed

With the presidential election set to be held in January next year, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has decided to immediately launch a 90-day campaign aimed at the poll….