Day: September 22, 2017

EU pledges Rs. 5.4 billion for rural development in two provinces

The European Union (EU) has pledged Rs. 5.4 billion (EUR 29.7 million) to reduce poverty in Uva and Central Provinces by improving both living conditions and food security.

Health Ministry takes steps to reduce prices of medicinal drugs

The Ministry of Health says the prices of expensive medical drugs will be reduced in the near future.

Weapons stored at Wasgamuwa National Park Office go missing

Five weapons including two repeater rifles and a t-56 weapon had been robbed from the wildlife officers’ armoury at Wasgamuwa National Park last night.

Second heart transplant abandoned

The second heart transplant planned at the Kandy General Hospital was abandoned at the last minute yesterday due to a tug-o-war between consultants not to remove the beneficiary’s heart. This situation has arisen even after the heart was harvested from the donor and fixed to a machine pending the transplant.