Day: November 17, 2017

We won’t allow Aava group to raise its head – Sagala

Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayaka assured that the government would not allow the so-called Aava group, or any other criminal gang, to raise its head in the North.

CID probe into telephone conversations: Links between COPE ‘Footnote’ members and Aloysius revealed

An in-depth investigation, conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), has revealed a spate of telephone conversations between Perpetual Treasuries Pvt Ltd (PTL) owner Arjuna Aloysius and some members of the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE), which probed alleged bond scams.

Ravi Karunanayake and family spoke to Aloysius over 750 times

Evidence before the Bond Commission revealed that former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake and his family spoke to Arjun Aloysius over 750 times in total during the period February 5, 2015 to June 20, 2017.