Day: October 12, 2018

Maximum price for white sugar

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) today imposed maximum retail prices for non-packeted and packeted white sugar as Rs.100 and Rs.105 respectively per kilogramme with effect from midnight today.

50 injured in Lunugamwehera bus accident

At least 50 passengers were injured when an SLTB and a private bus collided head on at Lunugamwehera on the Hambanthota-Wellawaya Main Road this afternoon, police said.

Russia interested in closer cooperation with Sri Lanka – Putin

President Vladimir Putin says Russia maintains traditionally friendly relations with Sri Lanka and is interested in closer trade and economic cooperation, including in fishery, agriculture and tourism.

#MeToo: Arjuna and Malinga accused of sexual harassment

The MeToo movement has taken the social media platforms by storm, with women coming out and disclosing the incidents of sexual harassment they have faced.

Coalition government: MR says only a proposal on the table

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday said at present there was only a proposal on the table to form a coalition government and re-iterated that there had been no discussions in this regard as yet.

Magistrate refuses to accept AG’s observations against prosecution counsel

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne yesterday refused to accept the Attorney General’s observations sent in a confidential letter on allegations against prosecution counsel in the bond issue inquiry when it was taken up yesterday.