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Onlanka.com is a non-commercial, nonprofit News and entertainment Sri Lankan web portal targeted at Sri Lankans all over the world. It features mostly visited pages such as a public chat portal, a friends community, news, and the best hotel deals.

This web portal was launched by Mr. Udaya Arunakantha on January 26, 2004. Udaya has been the administrator and owner of Onlanka.com since 2004.

Onlanka.com is a registered news casting website under the Ministry of Mass Media in Sri Lanka. However, its primary objective remains to provide a nonprofit, free-to-use platform for its users.

Onlanka chat service is the most popular text based online chat service among Sri Lankans over many years.

A guide to use Onlanka public chat service (https://www.onlanka.com/chat) was available in Grade 11 Teacher’s Guide book on Information and Communication Technology subject in 2009, published for Government schools in Sri Lanka.

The Onlanka friends community has helped lots of people to get to know each other as a gateway to start a relationship with another Sri Lankan living all over the world.

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Onlanka.com, a non-profit website, provides a wide range of free services to its users, well admired in Sri Lanka by computer professionals, as well as other interested parties including journalists. I have now planned to extend its services to more and more people in the world by giving wide publicity.

I hope you will appreciate this step, which costs some amount of money. If you are interested, you can become a sponsor to the site by making your donations (irrespective of the amount). Financial donations will be enlisted on the website, and I warmly welcome your support.


Udaya Arunakantha
Chief Administrator – Onlanka.com