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Responsive website design

Living in the digital age, a website is now an essential for a business, big or small. If you have a business without a website, you are probably missing a good number of opportunities for your business. A mobile friendly website can be used to achieve a vast range of marketing goals to help your business grow continuously.

A professional website has a solid reach than any other form of advertising. Your website will be the center of information for your company, anyone can search products and services similar to yours on the Internet and will be able to get information about your products and services through your website.

Who is a Web Developer and what does a Web Developer do?

A freelance Web Developer (also known as web programmer) is a person who takes an idea and turns it into code. A web developer uses a variety of languages that the computer understands and translates into low level code. A website developer usually uses high level programming languages such as HTML, HTML5, Python, PHP and many more. Projects undertaken include web development, web app development, web fixes, mobile web development and other related tasks.

What is the difference between Front-end Development and Back-end Development?

Front-end Development is everything that involves the user interface and experience. Front-end Development includes web design and some programming and scripting languages such as CSS, JAVASCRIPT and HTML. Back-end Development includes functionality and logic of the application. This involves everything that a user can’t see in the browser such as servers and databases.

What should a business look for in a Freelance Website Developer?

When you look for a Freelance Website Developer, there are some tried and tested ways that can help you to find the person that works for your needs. Importantly, they must be equipped with the right expertise to meet your development needs and boast great communication that can make execution and delivery seamless. Ask questions, check previous samples and customer reviews to determine their reliability and professionalism.

What sort of Freelance Website Developers are available?

A business can find a lot of high-performance and creative Freelance Website Developers from Here. Choose a talented freelancer from a range of Website Developers, Mobile App Developers, E-Commerce Website Developers, CMS Developers, Database/Server Developers, Front End Developers, Back End Developers and Wireframe Experts.