COVID patients likely to develop depression


Health authorities say people diagnosed with COVID-19 are likely to develop depression and other mental health issues after recovering from the disease.

Speaking during a media briefing in Colombo today, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Neil Fernando said people who develop symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.

He said those who are receiving counselling for mental health issues should continue their sessions despite the prevailing coronavirus climate.

Dr. Neil Fernando said anxiety and mood disorders were the most common diagnosis among those with COVID and these were more likely to be down to the stress of the experience of being critically ill or taken to hospital.

He said even those who never suffered from depression could develop or have a psychological or neurological condition after contracting the novel coronavirus and therefore urged people not to ignore any signs.

On a separate note, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Neil Fernando said the public in the country is used to receiving health advice from health sector workers and therefore it is advisable that such practices should be maintained in the future as well.

He said when non-health sector workers or authorities’ issue health related advice, it is unlikely that the public will comply with them.

Dr. Neil Fernando noted that although such measures are not taken deliberately, he was of the view it is best if the issuance of health guidelines are left for health sector workers.

(Source: News Radio)