President Maithripala Sirisena

President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) electoral organisers to prepare for a Provincial Council Election, which will probably come before a Presidential Election.

The President made these remarks yesterday while addressing SLFP Uva and Central Province Electoral Organisers. The President added that certain persons are trying to postpone the Provincial Council election, due to be held now, by hinting on a Presidential Election.

“The term of six Provincial Councils have elapsed and this situation is not suitable for a healthy democracy. It negates the objectives of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution,” he said.

The President said persons who speak about a Presidential Election should get ready for a Provincial Council Election.

He said that he has already discussed this with the Election Commission Chairman.

Addressing the Electoral Organisers, the President further said measures will be taken to hold the Provincial Council Election soon aiming to strengthen the voting rights of people.

President Sirisena said that Chairmen and the Director Board members for certain state institutions have not been appointed so far ever after three weeks of appointing Ministers. Therefore certain persons are levelling allegations against the Presidential Secretariat in this regard.The President said the relevant Ministry is responsible for this situation.

“Proposals for appointments should be forwarded to the Presidential Secretariat through the Prime Minister’s Office. Hence, the Presidential Secretarial cannot take responsibility in this regard since the Prime Minister’s Office has not forwarded those nominations,”he noted.

Appointing of Chairmen and Board members should only be done by the Committee appointed to nominate persons for these posts, the President stressed.

(Source: Daily News)