Harin requests President to help expatriates

Harin Fernando

Former Parliamentarian Harin Fernando has requested the President to intervene and solve the concerns of Sri Lankan expatriates who have been affected owing to the coronavirus.

Speaking at a media briefing today the former MP said a large number of expatriates and their families have been facing various hardships.

Fernando stressed that Expatriates are suffering and as a former Minister of Foreign Relations, he humbly requested the President to not let those people down.

The former Minister requested the President to look into this matter very seriously as people are desperate.

Harin Fernando revealed that the expatriate’s families were worrying about the sustainability of their lives, and trying to bring them back home.

He recalled of a call he received yesterday from Dubai that one family is suffering as their child is experiencing mild symptoms of fever.

Former MP Ajith Mannapperuma was also present at the media briefing.

Mannapperuma was happy that the country has great doctors and a skilled set of healthcare workers, but added that the resources given to conduct testing were very limited.

While pointing out that the number of tests being conducted was below par, Ajith Mannapperuma said some cases cannot determine by exterior symptoms, because there have been cases where the person tested positive but didn’t exhibit symptoms.

Despite the fact, the person is diagnosed as contagious, and that is why the former parliamentarian opted to ramp up testing.

Mannapperuma stressed that an election was not needed and requested the government to get rid of the coronavirus.

Speaking further on the constitutional crisis, Ajith Mannapperuma requested the President to respect the Constitution and reconvene Parliament to end the difference of opinion.

He opted to cancel salaries and benefits while closing canteens within Parliament if that meant Parliament will be reconvened to handle this situation democratically.

Former MP Ajith Mannapperuma requested the President to not be a dictator in such a situation.

(Source: News Radio)