MiG 27 jet crashes [UPDATED]

mig 27 crash Dummalasuriya Sri Lanka Air Force

A MiG 27 fighter jet belonging to the Sri Lanka Air Force had reportedly crashed into the Hevana area belonging to the Dummalasooriya police area in the Puttlam district a short while ago.

The Russian built jet was on a routine training mission after departing from the Katunayake Air Force Base.

Air Force spokesman Group Captain Andy Wijesuriya said that the pilot managed to escape without sustaining any injuries.

The reason for the crash is yet to be established but it is widely believed that a technical failure in the aging jet had led to the incident.

The MiG 27 was used by the SLAF during the war, primarily for the ground attack and close air support role.  These jets come under the No.12 Squadron of the SLAF.


Courtesy: DM Online