Minister Tiran Alles gets death threats from underworld

Tiran Alles

Public Security Minister Tiran Alles has received death threats over the phone yesterday (December 21) after concluding a press conference on ‘Collective Path to a Stable Country’ held at the Presidential Media Centre focussing on the special operation “Yukthiya” (Justice) implemented throughout the country to suppress drug trafficking and underworld activities in the country.

At the end of the discussion, Minister Tiran was taken to the guest room and while he was having tea at the Presidential Media Division at 12:08 noon, he received a call on his mobile phone from an overseas number which he answered.

The caller who did not identify himself has told Minister Tiran that he is calling from Los Angeles, USA. However, after the call ended, the caller number was traced to a Ukrainian contact number and not from Los Angeles in the USA.

Minister Tiran turned on the speaker phone immediately for the rest of the people in the room to hear what the caller was saying to him upon realizing that it carried death threats on him by the caller.

Acting immediately, the press secretary of MP Mahindananda had recorded the conversation on his phone.

The person who made the phone call first asked how the minister threatened to kill the underworld leaders during the press conference that was held.

Minister Tiran replied to the caller’s question that he did not say something like that during the media briefing, but only that if the underworld tries to operate against the police in the operation carried out against the underworld, then he will not hesitate to use maximum force.

But when the caller continued to question and said that the minister had mentioned that during the media briefing, when the minister asked “who told you”, he mentioned about a report by a person named Ajith.

Then the minister told the caller not to talk after listening to each one of them, but to listen to what Minister Tiran said during the press conference and then talk.

But the caller has said “we will take care of you within the next seven Poya days. Then the minister replied to the caller and said, “I will finish this in two Poya days, not seven and I will do what I can.”

The caller then went on to talk about previous incidents where at the time of producing weapons in their possession how criminals were killed and the minister hung up saying “I don’t know the old stories, I am doing this operation in a legal way, but I will not stop no matter what pressure comes,so do what you can.”

(Source: Daily News)