Sri Lanka promoted as a COVID-19 free destination in UK

Sri Lanka travel

A leading UK Travel Consultant has recommended Sri Lanka as suitable travel destination to avoid fears of Coronavirus.

Paul Charles, the Chief Executive of PC Agency, a leading travel consultancy firm, has stated that it is ideal for a tourist or a traveller to visit a destination which boasts of a warmer climate, to avoid the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, foreign media reported.

He had said this in an interview to Sky News, one of the leading media networks in the United Kingdom, according to Newswire.

When the host of the interview enquired him of the advice he would offer to a traveller or a tourist, he answered saying: “I will be heading somewhere really warm, to be honest, because it seems that the medical advice given states that any country which generally has a temperature above 29 degree Celsius has not reported Coronavirus cases.”

(Source: Daily News)