2022 Appropriation Bill to be presented in Parliament today

Budget in Sri Lanka Parliament

The 2022 Appropriation Bill is due to be presented in Parliament today (07).

According to the Appropriation Bill for next year, the total expenditure of the government will be Rs. 2,505.3 billion.

Rs 1,776 billion has been budgeted for recurrent expenditure.

Next year’s government expenditure has been reduced by 33 billion rupees compared to this year’s expenditure of 2,538 billion rupees.

The Appropriation Bill for next year is due to be tabled in Parliament next week.

Its total allocation for public services is 12.6 billion , which includes the President, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Cabinet Office, the Judiciary, Parliament, Commissions and other institutions.

The President’s expenditure for next year is set at Rs. 2.78 billion. Accordingly, the President’s expenditure has been reduced by Rs. 6.6 billion compared to last year.

Next year’s defense spending will be the highest ever, having an increase of 18 billion rupees compared to this year.

This year, Rs. 355 billion was allocated for defense expenditure, while next year it will be Rs. 373 billion.

After defence, the highest allocation is to the Ministry of Public Service, Provincial Councils and the Ministry of Local Government.

While 286.7 billion has been allocated to the Ministry this time, 286 billion is a recurrent expenditure.

The allocation to the Ministry of Highways is 250.1 billion with 250 billion for capital expenditure.

The Ministry of Education has a marginal increase from 126.5 billion this year to 127.6 billion next year.

There has been a drop for health with 153.5 billion allocated to the Ministry of Health, which is a decrease of about 6 billion compared to this year.

185.9 billion has been allocated for the Ministry of Finance. This is an increase of 28 billion rupees compared to this year.

The second reading of the budget will be held by the Minister of Finance on the afternoon of November 12.

The budget vote will take place on December 10.

(Source: Hiru News)