Ampara to be run by Muslims – JHU

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The JHU yesterday condemned the SLMC over its suggestion that the districts be divided on ethnic and religious lines. SLMC had suggested to government that they establish a separate Muslim administration in the Ampara District, as the majority in that district are Muslims.

Commenting, the JHU said that carrying out such a request would separate the Muslims from the rest of the people in the country, being a separatist and extremist move.

Meanwhile, the National Sangha Council’s Rajawatte Wappa Thera, who addressed a meeting in Colombo Tuesday (4) said, “This is a small country and it cannot be divided on the basis of ethnicity or religion, according to the whims and fancies of certain parties. We cannot tear the country to pieces so that one person can secure his power, it is the greatest harm one can do to the country.”

He therefore, asked the defence establishment and the government to pay special attention to such demands and stop the likelihood of the country being fragmented. “We ask that they save the country from such a disaster,” the Thera said.

(Ceylon Today)