Be vigilant when using ATMs – Central Bank

ATM skimming scandal in Sri Lanka

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has requested all customers to be vigilant when using ATM machines for transactions. An ATM scam where customer data was stolen via external devices that were fixed onto ATM machines recently came to light.

Also requested that ATM users to use EMV enabled payment cards to enhance the security and prevent fraudulent card transactions.

Accordingly, international payment card security standards and best practices have been adopted in Sri Lanka’s ATM and payment card network, such as the issuance of cards with increased security, which has an electronic chip, also known as EMV cards and provide for SMS alerts for all electronic transactions.

If the card used by a customer is not EMV enabled, a request can be made from the relevant bank to issue an EMV enabled the card.

The Police has requested the public to inform them of any suspicious individuals or activities near ATMs.