Bomb scare at Kandy Court complex postpones proceedings

Police car lights

(Photo by Noor Yoosuf on Unsplash)

All scheduled court proceedings and verdict deliveries at the Kandy Court complex have been postponed due to a bomb scare.

Court activities have been temporarily stopped, and people have been evacuated from the court complex.

This morning, an anonymous call to the police emergency hotline (119) reported a bomb threat, causing a tense situation at the court complex.

In response, the Sri Lanka Army’s bomb disposal unit and the Sri Lanka Police began a special security operation within the court premises.

As a result, all cases and verdicts scheduled for today (July 2) at the Kandy Court complex have been postponed until July 16, 2024.

UPDATE – 03:50 PM:

A 53-year-old man has been arrested for providing a false bomb threat to the ‘119’ Police Emergency Hotline about an impending attack on the Kandy Court complex.

The arrest was made this afternoon (July 2) following information from the Ginigathhena Police.

The suspect, a conductor of a private passenger bus, did not have a mobile phone at the time of the arrest and claimed his phone was misplaced the previous evening (July 01).

Kandy Police are continuing their investigations into the incident.