Cabinet okays to sign agreement to obtain COVID vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine

The Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval to a proposal to sign an agreement with manufacturers to receive the COVID-19 Vaccines through the COVAX facility.

The COVAX facility is a global program initiated among governments and manufacturers to ensure equal distribution of any approved COVID-19 vaccines.

Sri Lanka has already joined with the COVAX facility and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.

The World Health Organization has also accredited that Sri Lanka is eligible to receive the COVID 19 vaccines through the facility.

The Minister of Health through her Cabinet paper has confirmed the government has submitted the initial application to obtain vaccines by detailing Sri Lanka’s target group, storage capacity and technical information regarding COVID-19 vaccination process.

Sri Lanka must now enter into an agreement before the 8th of January as part of the second stage to the process.

Accordingly, the Cabinet has approved the proposal to submit the second part of the vaccine application according to guidelines provided by the Attorney General and to sign an agreement with a manufacturer when allocating vaccines through the COVAX facility.

(Source: News Radio)