CID tells Magistrate: Ex-DIG’s son wanted for Shayam killing

DIG Vaas Gunawardena

The CID yesterday informed Additional Magistrate A.M. Sahabdeen that the son of former DIG Vas Gunawardena is wanted in connection with further investigations in connection with the killing of businessman Mohomed Shayam.

In reply to a query by the magistrate regarding holding in custody of the suspect on a Detention Order under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), the CID said the Attorney General’s advice is to be sought in this regard and the court will be informed.

The CID submitted that they had gone to search Vas Gunawardana’s residence in Nedimala and the suspect’s wife had been rude to them.

The magistrate is aware of the obstacles placed in the path of their investigations, the CID said. ASP Shannie Abeysekara said he had not served under the suspect. He said he had no personal animosity towards him. ASP Abeysekara said he had been entrusted with the investigations by the IGP.

Investigations had been conducted under the Criminal Procedure Code within the legal frame work. Attorneys at Law Anura Seneviratne appearing along with Ajith Pathirana submitted that the suspect’s arrest was illegal. The suspect is held on a Detention Order under the PTA .

The suspect walked into the police station unaccompanied as he is innocent, counsel submitted. He should be tried under the normal law and not under the PTA. Apart from that the suspect’s son Ravindu Gunawardana could be produced as the CID says he is wanted for further investigations. The next date of the non summary inquiry was postponed for July 19.

(Courtesy: Daily News)