Do not panic over intelligence information about purported terrorist attack – Defence Ministry

Ministry of Defence logo in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Defence Ministry requests the public not to panic about the intelligence information of a purported terrorist attack which is currently circulating in the social media.

While issuing a statement the defence ministry said a letter sent by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to the Defence Secretary regarding the disclosure of a purported terrorist attack that may be carried out on July 5 and 6, evoking ‘Black July’, was taken up into consideration based on unconfirmed information received through intelligence sources.

These are unverified intelligence information and there is no ground information that would associate the occurrence of such a terrorist attack invoking the ‘Black July’, the Ministry said.

It further said that the ministry was informed that such an attack could be carried out by terrorist groups and anti- government groups may also incite violence to discredit and destabilize the government.

As maintaining public security and safety is of high priority, all measures will be taken to ensure a high degree of security while investigations will also be carried into the received intelligence alert.

Therefore, the Ministry requested the public not to panic and to carry on with their day to day work.