Education sector must be transformed – AKD

Anura Kumara Dissanayake

The National People’s Power says the country’s education sector needs massive transformation.

Speaking during a rally in Embilipitiya Leader of the party Parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayaka said education is the main factor contributing to the country’s economy and an ethical society.

He noted therefore children leaving school early must be stopped while the duration spent to complete studies must also be reduced.

The MP added if 330,000 enter the first grade they must all complete their school education.

MP Dissanayaka further said the education system is a burden to children and their parents adding that parents put a great effort to provide their children with education and when the children grow up they do the same.

The MP stated generally a person spends between 25-28 years to study in their lifetime.

He noted therefore the time spent to complete studies must be reduced.

MP Dissanayaka said when a student completes the GCE Advanced Level Examination in August, the results are released after four months in December and university admission takes another one and a half years.

The MP added however results of the London A/Level Exam is released within two weeks, although students from across the world sit for the exam.

(Source: News Radio)