Elections were held while dengue was killing 500 to 600 people a year

Bandula Gunawardana

Elections had been held at a time when 500-600 people were dying each year, of dengue, co-cabinet spokesman, Bandula Gunawardane, said yesterday, addressing the cabinet press briefing.

He made this statement, responding to a question posed by a journalist on holding the general election during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Under the previous government,hundreds of people were dying of dengue but still elections were held. The deaths caused by COVID-19 are nothing compared to dengue,” he said.

Dr. Ramesh Pathirana, the other co-cabinet spokesman, however, said that the date of the general election should be decided by the Election Commission. “Our plan is to return the country to normalcy. Our goal is not to hold elections. The President is there, the cabinet functions, and we have the local councils, so there is no problem for us. The Elections Commission must decide on the day of the election, based on medical advice,” he said.

(Source: The Island)