Even closest allies are not supporting the government now – UNP

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The United National Party says international powers have started to blacklist the present administration.

Issuing a statement, General Secretary of the UNP Palitha Range Bandara said China which helped the present administration to come into power has started opposing its actions.

Former Parliamentarian Range Bandara said China worked closely with the present administration and in turn received valuable assets of the country. He said China will continue to expect favours from the present government.

The UNP General Secretary noted that the government will struggle without the support of China due to the support it rendered previously.

Commenting on the development pertaining to the fertiliser crisis, he said a Letter of Credit was opened to purchase a stock of fertiliser from a Chinese firm even before receiving Cabinet approval.

Former MP Range Bandara said during inspection it was identified that the stock contained harmful bacteria and officials rejected the consignment.

Former Parliamentarian Range Bandara said after a public outcry the government was forced to reject the stock which has resulted in a local bank being blacklisted.

He said the move should be considered an action against the government as opposed to the bank in question.

Former Parliamentarian Range Bandara said even the closest allies are not supporting the present government and its policies now.

(Source: News Radio)