Government denies speculations on salt shortage in country

Udaya Prabath Gammanpila

The Government yesterday denied speculations on a possible salt shortage due to the contamination of the seas caused by the X-Press Pearl.

“Sri Lanka will not face any shortage of salt,” Co-Cabinet Spokesman Minister Udaya Gammanpila told journalists, addressing the post-Cabinet media briefing yesterday.

He assured the local production will not be hampered despite the chemical spillage of the container ship.

“The leakage of harmful chemicals from the container ship has not spread to the salterns,” Gammanpila said.

Trade Minister Bandula Gunawardena also reiterated that there was no salt shortage in the country and urged public not to fall pray for the speculations. He said that he had discussed this matter with the Heads and Secretaries of the salt storages in Hambantota and Puttalam.

“The Hambantota salt storage has enough salt for two incoming years and in Puttalam, they can supply 60,000 consignments of salt weighing 30,000 metric tons,” he stated.

Gunawardena also said that private sector storages can also provide a further 100,000 metric tons of salt.

(Source: Daily FT)