Medical Specialists condemn removal of PCR testing at BIA

Ukraine tourists arrive in Sri Lanka

The Association of Medical Specialists has condemned the sudden removal of mandatory PCR testing for arrivals at the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Issuing a statement, the Association expressed their opposition to the new guidelines issued by the government, enabling tourist arrivals to enter the country without on arrival PCR tests, purely relying on a fully vaccinated card and a PCR report obtained 72 hours prior to arrival.

The Association said this will allow dangerous virus variants to enter the country, harming the hard earned control achieved thus far through sacrifices from all the sections of society.

They recalled many reports of fake vaccination certificates, false PCR reports not only in Sri Lanka but also in developed countries.

Under such circumstances, the statement by the Medical Specialists claimed there is no scientific rationale for dismissing the mandatory PCR testing at Airports, especially when recently a facility was established at the airport for PCR testing.

Therefore, the Association appealed to authorities to revisit the decision with the participation of experts and take appropriate decisions to ensure the country’s safety as a topmost priority.

(Source: News Radio)