Modi Won 2019 Election by Stoking Extremism – Harin Fernando

Harin Fernando

SJB Parliamentarian Harin Fernando accused Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently, of stoking extremism to win Parliamentary Election, the same way elections were won in Sri Lanka.

“It is politicians who create problems. The best example is India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi used the Pulwama incident that took place in India in 2019, for his election propaganda. Some 40 soldiers were killed in a suicide attack in Pulwama in 2019 and media reports were published that it was Muslims that killed these 40 soldiers. Modi used these media reports to propagate extremism in each election rally he attended,” Fernando said, while insisting that this proves politicians incite extremism to come into power.

Speaking during the debate on the final report of the PCoI probing Easter Sunday Attacks in 2019 April, SJB Parliamentarian also said, Indian business tycoons such as Adanis and Ambanis completely gave their blessings and support to propagate extremism in February 2019 following Pulwama incident.

Fernando also said, “He (Modi) went around the country wearing military medal ribbons, just like our one.” He added that Modi won the 2019 election by stating that Muslims will be destroyed and by stoking extremism.

(Source: Ceylon Today)