Movement in several areas in Rajanganaya restricted

Anil Jasinghe

Movement in several areas in Rajanganaya was suspended with effect from today, said Director General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe.

These areas are identified at Track 01, Track 03, and Track 05 in Rajanganaya.

Speaking at the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), Dr. Jasinghe said had the people who attended the funeral and almsgiving in Rajanganaya, which was visited by a COVID-19 patient, followed the necessary health guidelines the present situation in the area could have been avoided.

He stressed the Kandakadu cluster had not spread across the country adding the only outside cases are from Rajanganaya and Welikanda.

Dr. Anil Jasinghe went on to note, when staff members, inmates as well those who were transferred from Welikada to other places are recalled, they are misunderstood by society as to having contracted COVID-19.

He stressed, not all those who are recalled are COVID-19 patients, and a person is tested positive only after a PCR test is carried out.

(Source: News 1st)