My husband who shed his blood & nearly died for the country is prepared to dedicate himself again for the Motherland – Anoma Fonseka

Her husband Gen. Sarath Fosneka is a person who has shed his blood for the country; he faced death on three occasions in defending the Motherland and is prepared to dedicate himself for the Motherland in the future as well said Ms. Anoma Fonseka.

Speaking at the inaugural press conference of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) held at its head office at Royal Avenue today (22nd) Ms. Fonseka said, “My husband dedicated himself for democracy in the country. I too made a certain contribution in my husband’s work. We have gathered here today to rally against fraud, corruption and injustice in the country. At the previous election too we gathered to work for the country. I believe that other parties and organizations that have not rallied with us at the moment would realize the threat for democracy and join us soon. What exists in the country today is a family regime, nepotism – an oligarchy. My husband fought against it. He did not expect any personal gains.

He nearly died thrice for this country. He considered Motherland before self. This is why he has been detained by this regime. They expect to silence him by detaining him. This shows their cowardliness. When ever I visit my husband in his dark cell, he always tells me that he dedicated himself for the country and he would do it in the future as well. I have come here to tell the world what he thinks of his Motherland. ”

Source: Lanka Truth