Price Hike: Price of cement and wheat flour increased

Wheat flour

One kilogram of Wheat Flour was increased by Rs. 10 from this morning, Serendib and Prima companies stated.

Meanwhile, Cement companies decided to increase the price of a 50kg cement bag by Rs. 93 with effect from yesterday (10) and the new price is Rs. 1,098.

LP Gas prices of Litro and Laugfs gas companies were also increased as follows:

Litro Gas Prices:

12.5 Kg – Rs. 2,750/- (Previous Price was Rs. 1,493/-)

5 Kg – Rs. 1,101/- (Previous Price was Rs. 598/-)

2.5 Kg – Rs. 520/- (Previous Price was Rs. 289/-)

Laugfs Gas Prices:

12.5 Kg – Rs. 2,840/-

5 Kg – Rs. 1,136/-