Protect low-income earners in any lockdown – Vasudeva

Vasudeva Nanayakkara

Due to the current pandemic situation of the country many people are making various suggestions. However in facing this situation, we as a government must make decisions with utmost responsibility and understanding.

Low income families and the self-employed will be the most vulnerable in any closure of the country, Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkare said in a press statement.

Special attention should be given to self-employed and small traders who earn their keep on a daily basis. The minister expressed these views to the media on the future course of action to be taken in facing this pandemic situation of the country.

It is very easy to close the country to slow the epidemic. But during that time it is very difficult to protect the families of the common people. If the country is to be closed in any way, a suitable programme should be implemented to provide a pack of essential food items to the needy. It is a precondition to any lockdown for a certain period, the minister said.

(Source: The Island)