Rice mill owners creating a rice mafia – The All Ceylon Farmers Federation

Red rice in Sri Lanka

The All Ceylon Farmers Federation accuses large scale rice mill owners of creating a rice mafia by using fake receipts.

Chairman Namal Karunaratne said rice mill owners are using various methods to sell rice to consumers at high prices.

Karunaratne said a prominent rice mill owner during a media briefing held on the 15th of April claimed that the time is not apt to discuss profit and loss, and that he is prepared to sell rice at a government stipulated price and that he would support any programme initiated by the President.

Karunaratne charged that all prominent rice mill owners over the past few days have issued receipts of Rs.88 or 89 for rice and have charged Rs.95.

The Chairman of the Federation claimed that the rice mill owner when questioned by the Consumer Affairs Authority admitted to obtaining large profit margins through the sale of various types of rice.

(Source: News Radio)