Rumours on countrywide lockdown completely baseless – Police

Ajith Rohana - Sri Lanka Police

DIG Ajith Rohana states that the rumours spreading on social media of a complete lockdown in the country is completely false and those rumours are being investigated into by the CID.

DIG Ajith Rohana said that the CID is conducting an investigation to trace the source of the relevant information.

According to this false information that was circulating on social media networks, Sri Lanka would be shut down from April 10 to 15 and the law enforcement will be strictly enforced during that period.

This further states that no food supply, delivery services, online orders, bakery products etc would be in operation during that time and no shop would be opened.

The police insists that there is no truth in the information and that the government has not taken such a decision.

The police also advise the public not to share such false information on social media.