Sri Lanka reaffirms peacekeeping commitment amid global security challenges

Sri Lanka's Public Security Minister Tiran Alles

Sri Lanka’s Public Security Minister Tiran Alles, speaking at the fourth United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit (UNCOPS 2024), highlighted increasing global security challenges, including cyber threats and organized crime, while reaffirming Sri Lanka’s commitment to UN peacekeeping and readiness to contribute specialized police teams.

Below is the Full Statement by Minister Tiran Alles at the UNCOPS 2024:

“The threats to peace have become more diverse and complex than ever before. Violent conflicts have been on the rise during the last two decades.

Protection of civilians has become a critical concern in many conflict-ridden areas with the humanitarian landscape becoming increasingly hostile with non-traditional threats.

New Advanced technologies have opened new domains of security concerns, such as cyber security and autonomous weapon systems, together with the abuse of ICT for criminal purposes and the induction of mercenaries.

Be that as it may, permit me the honor of congratulating the UN Peace operations that have effectively risen to meet the varying challenges in the theatres of conflict.

In this backdrop, Sri Lanka appreciates the pit and substance of the Secretary General’s new agenda for peace.

My delegation recalls with pride that Sri Lanka has been a committed contributor to UN Peacekeeping since the deployment of military observers at the end of the ‘Suez War’.

More than 21,000 Sri Lankan peacekeepers have played an important role in many peacekeeping operations to date.

I am confident that the Sri Lanka-formed police unit, which is at Readiness Level 3, stands by with the capacity to handle the emerging security landscape.

Organized crime, gang violence and illicit economies are rapidly on the rise. This is becoming a growing challenge to international peace.

It is therefore imperative that the United Nations consider deploying specialized police teams with experience and skills to counter this menace.

Sri Lanka is willing to contribute police gendarmerie and criminal justice experts with experience and skills to counter such threats and to share the knowledge and experience with any host nation. Sri Lanka stands ready to partner in this noble endeavour.”