Sri Lanka scores preliminary moral victory at UNHRC 2014


The hype behind the US sponsored third resolution against Sri Lanka looks to be frizzling out with US/UK and India managing to get as co-sponsors nations that would hardly constitute power bases. Thus the 2 world bullies and their stooge together with Montenegro, Macedonia and Mauritius have placed the 1st draft forward. Nations of the UNHRC are obviously more concerned about the situation in Ukraine where a democratic leader has been replaced by a US puppet. If this could happen to Ukraine representatives of the UNHRC and the UN General Assembly must seriously think the likelihood of a similar situation arising in their countries too. Neocolonial agendas are being pushed through using the UN and foreign government funded NGOs and their local stooges are helping lay the foundations.

Returning to the Sri Lanka situation it appears that a Commission of Inquiry has been replaced with a Pillay inquiry. Navi Pillay is however not without the need to investigate her own conduct. Her behavior and actions against Libya and Syria requires that all UNHRC member nations request a review of her suitability for the post. No one expects an official to simply follow instructions of the West. It is what Louis Arbor did and look what happened to Yugoslavia. Mass graves became the lies used and mass graves, sexual violations and scores of other seeds have been planted by Pillay to be used against Sri Lanka when she does take over such an inquiry that is likely to be recommended.

Nations voting must seriously address some key concerns which are relevant to their own nations as well.

Sri Lanka is moving on with life after 30 years of terrorism. Throughout the 30 years the very parties who are dictating Sri Lanka’s post-conflict efforts did not come forward to help end terrorism. They simply watched LTTE murder every day, every month and every year. Scores of civilians became calculated targets and all these deaths got was a condolence statement and nothing else. Now since the target is regime change the ‘both sides to blame’ statement is brandied thinking they can get away for the former negligence. The organizations are heavily funded from overseas so naturally they take orders from them and these orders are to destabalize the country and for that they are paid – should such people earn anyone’s respect when they live in a country and use their positions to turn a country over and leave people suffering for which they get handsomely paid?

Moreover the UN Secretary General and Navi Pillay are on record for continuously concentrating only on the last stages of the conflict … now when it suits their agenda they are prepared to expand. However, having rehabilitated scores of former LTTE cadres who are getting on with their lives the people of Sri Lanka feel that there is no requirement for them to again be brought to the dock because it is not going to get anyone anywhere. Infrastructure and other requirements are being met and time is needed to allow people to start their lives afresh. People who took no part in stopping terror have no right to now come forward to demand how Sri Lanka should run its post-conflict.

Of course no country is perfect. Everything has a good and bad side. The Tamil National Alliance on whom much of the complaints are sourced from are not ideal parties to obtain a balanced stand. These representatives are those that LTTE helped get elected and their manifestos are proof that they openly aligned to the LTTE and referred to them as the sole representatives of the Tamils. These are all documented proof with evidence.

Moreover, sourcing from NGOs in Sri Lanka and their heads is not a credible feature as well. They were totally silent during LTTE reign and did not issue any statements against the LTTE. Similarly, LTTE Tamil Diaspora who are holding foreign passports and are non-citizens of Sri Lanka can hardly dictate on what type of mechanism should be introduced for they helped raise the funds for the LTTE and none of them minded LTTE kidnapping Tamil children and turning them into killers. None of them helped put up a single road, school, hospital or even provided electricity. Now after 30 years areas of the North are enjoying what they never had under LTTE rule.

Of course we do have a score against India, though for political reasons Governments are unwilling to openly blame India for the initial training of LTTE and other militant groups clandestinely as well as providing South India as a logistics hub throughout the 30 years even after Rajiv Gandhis assassination. LTTE was for India a political tool to bargain with Sri Lanka’s Government but for every death the LTTE caused, India has a moral guilt for its role.

Pillay has made issue of the newest subject the West through UN will use against countries – religion. She is stoic silent on half of UK mosques being attacked but giving the impression of Sri Lanka being anti-Muslim when there are only 22 incidents (in 3 years) of which 5 have already been settled and the majority are due to illegal constructions while in the case of the Christian religious issues that too has been as a result of forced conversions and the setting up of illegal prayer centers funded by US missionaries. Of course the blame rests with the public officials who have not functioned using the laws in place. Anyhow 700 mosque attacks in UK against less than 20 in Sri Lanka hardly qualifies Pillay to make such scathing judgements.

Pillay has also ventured into correlating rape with Sri Lankan military presence that too has been exposed in view of 18 cases of rape (in 7 years) by Sri Lankan military when the cases of rape by Tamils amount to 504. Thus, she is silent on 504 rapes by Tamils upon Tamils but she has a case for 18 rapes and attempts to relate that to her next move to demand the removal of the Sri Lankan army from the North – thus the calls for demilitarization.

If Pillay’s UNHRC lens is directed only at the Third World or nations that the US/UK target there is little point in nations taking part in these UNHRC forums.

These movements by Pillay are now prophesied by a very alert Sri Lankan public who are keenly studying the developments of Western power blocs and their use of the UN.

As far as Resolutions go, the Indian American sent to Sri Lanka recently says that the ‘international community’ is losing patience with Sri Lanka and thus the 3rd Resolution, all we can say is what about the Resolutions against Israel… do these not run into double figures and have these Resolutions not been vetoed by the US… and what has Pillay done about them? Why is there no patience for Sri Lanka recovering from 30 years of terror and enjoying 4 years of peace as against countless Resolutions against Israel most of which have been vetoed by the US?

Can we know if the UN categorizes its members as Good, the Bad and the Ugly… and has different sets of standards for each… we thought the UN and its heads were to function without bias… however we see double standards at play. We are well placed to give examples.

It is a good time for the Third World nations to arise, Africa, Asia, Latin America must take stock of the manner the West has inflicted internal strife so that these nations are kept bogged down in conflicts while they depose nationalist leaders and replace them with puppets who are ready to hand over whatever remaining resources available in their lands to plunder… the saddest part is that the West that steals from the Third World has not shared it amongst their people as we now witness ordinary Americans and ordinary Europeans suffering economic, employment and cultural hardships.

An United Africa, United Asia, United Latin America can change the world.

They must take the leadership to usher that change.

The time has come for the Third World to awake and take charge of their destinies.






1. Benin

2. Cameron

3. Libya

4. Mauritius

5. Nigeria

6. India

7. Chile

8. Costa Rica

9. Guatemala

10. Peru

11. Mexico

12. Uruguay

13. Austria

14. Belgium

15. Norway

16. Italy

17. Spain

18. Switzerland

19. United States

20. Czech Republic

21. Poland

22. Hungary

23. Moldova

24.  Romania

1. Congo

2. Mauritiana

3. Uganda

4. Bangladesh

5. China

6. Indonesia

7. Kuwait

8. Maldives

9. Philippines

10. Qatar

11. Saudi Arabia

12. Thailand

13. Cuba

14. Ecuador

15.  Russia

1. Angola

2. Botswana

3. Burkina Faso

4. Djibuti

5. Senegal

6. Jordan

7. Krygystan

8. Malaysia



1. Benin,

2. the Ivory Coast, 

3. Libya,

4. Sierra Leone, 

5. India,

6. Korea,

7. Argentina,

8. Brazil, 

9. Chile,

10. Costa Rica,

11. Guatemala,

12. Peru,

13. Austria,

14. Germany,

15. Ireland, 

16. Italy,

17. Spain,

18. Switzerland,

19. USA,

20. Czech Republic,

21. Estonia,

22. Montenegro, 

23. Poland,

24. Romania,

25. Moldova.


1. Venezuela,

2. Ecuador,

3. UAE,

4. Thailand,

5. Qatar,

6. Philippines

7. Pakistan, 

8. Maldives,

9. Kuwait,

10. Indonesia,

11. Uganda,

12. Mauritania,

13. Congo (Rep not DR)


1. Ethiopia, 

2. Angola,

3. Botswana,

4. Burkina Faso,

5. Kenya,

6. Japan,

7. Kazakhstan, 

8. Malaysia.

2012 – 24 votes / 15 against / 8
2013 – 25 votes / 13 against / 8

– Shenali D Waduge