Sri Lanka suffers from haze due to polluted air from India

Air pollution in Colombo Sri Lanka

The Department of Meteorology in Sri Lanka reported yesterday (January 16) that polluted air from India, carried by the wind, has caused haze in certain areas of Sri Lanka.

According to a spokesperson from the department, the polluted air originating from India, particularly from New Delhi, is carried in a circular motion towards the Bay of Bengal. This circular wind flow then enters Sri Lanka from the East, impacting areas like Bandarawela and Badulla.

The spokesperson explained that the department anticipates some moisture to accompany the wind soon, leading to rainfall that would help alleviate the haze.

However, there is a likelihood of additional polluted air coming from India by the end of this month. Currently, Sri Lanka is not significantly affected.

Additionally, the department assured that a drop in temperature observed in Nuwara Eliya will be temporary and is expected to pass in the coming days.

The temperature in this Central Province district had reached 6 degrees Celsius as of last evening.