Sri Lankan train drivers strike over pay and promotion issues


A group of Sri Lankan train drivers began a strike at midnight on Thursday (June 6).

S.R.C.M. Senanayake, Secretary of the Locomotive Operating Engineers Association, announced that trains from two stations in Colombo will not be running. He stated the strike is due to issues such as the absence of a salary code, and problems with promotions and recruitment.

Senanayake explained that the lack of a salary code causes various problems related to recruitment, promotions, and retirements. Despite a need for about 450 locomotive operators, there are currently fewer than 250.

He noted that while morning office trains will not be heavily impacted, afternoon trains are likely to be canceled.

The strike, launched due to unresolved issues, is limited to two of the five stations in Colombo due to the country’s current situation.

Reports indicate that the strike is primarily driven by promotion issues affecting 84 train drivers.

The Railway Control Room confirmed the cancellation of a train from Puttalam to Colombo Fort this morning.

Chandana Lal, president of the association, clarified that this strike was not an executive committee decision but was initiated by the association’s secretary.