Sri Lanka’s Railway strikers issued Warning


The Sri Lanka Railways Station Masters’ Union (SLRSMU) has warned that if the government attempts to suppress trade unions, all railway service unions will unite and resist.

SLRSMU Chairman Sumedha Somarathna emphasized that railway employees expect their demands to be swiftly addressed.

If not, the executive council will convene this afternoon (July 11) to decide on further actions.

Due to the ongoing railway strike, 12 fuel train services between Kolonnawa and Katunayake International Airport have been canceled.

A senior Railways Department official stated that the department suffered significant losses from not delivering fuel carriages to these locations.

It was noted that typically, 10 fuel carriages, each with a capacity of 10,000 gallons, are sent daily to supply fuel to the airport.

Meanwhile, despite railway services being deemed essential, nearly 1,000 termination letters for Station Masters and Railway Controllers involved in the trade union action are ready to be issued.

A senior official mentioned that the department has already sent these letters for printing.