The government says it has provided Rs. 5000 relief to 1.4 million families

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The government says that more than 1.4 million families have been given a subsidy of Rs. 5,000.

More than 43,000 families have been given a dry food bag of Rs. 10,000.

The relief was granted during October and until November 10.

The Treasury has released Rs. 7.56 billion for this purpose.

10,000 bags of dry rations have been distributed to 7500 families in the Colombo District, 7,000 families in the Gampaha District and 4,000 families in the Kalutara District.

The government said the largest amount of funds had been allocated for the Rs. 5,000 subsidy, it’s 7.04 billion rupees.

In addition, the Treasury has allocated an additional Rs. 78.06 million for quarantine activities in 16 districts.