Two shot dead in underworld clash

Gun shooting

Two persons have been killed in a shooting that took place at around 3.30 pm today (13) near the Aiyyan Sapirimale Kovil in the Hekitta road in Wattala.

The two victims aged 28 and 33 years have been identified as residents of Jinthupitiya, Kotahena.

Reportedly, unidentified persons who had arrived on a car had fired shots before fleeing the scene.

The police suspect the shooting to be the result of a clash between two criminal gangs. Police also suspect that the shooting was carried out by members of the “Kelaniya Gumma” gang.

The two deceased persons had been traveling on a car when the incident occurred, stated the Police Media Spokesperson.

A female had also been present inside the vehicle when the shooting took place; however, she has not been harmed, said police.

Wattala Police is conducting further investigations on the matter.