Ukrainian border guards detain illegal migrants from Sri Lanka

Police Lights

Border guards of the Lviv and Lutsk detachments and the operative and search unit of the Eastern Regional Directorate have detained 13 illegal migrants – from Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh, the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service has reported.

“Border guards spotted six foreigners who did not have any documents with them and watched two people cross the Western Bug River along the border line. Border guards immediately informed their Polish counterparts. As a result of joint and coordinated actions by the Ukrainian side, Polish border guards detained two more people. They were citizens of Russia and Azerbaijan,” reads the statement.

The report notes that all details of preparations for the violation of the state border were established during verification measures. In particular, it was established that the Russian and the Azerbaijani intended to send five Sri Lankans and an Indian to the European Union in search of a “better life.”

At present, Polish foreign colleagues are expected to send the foreigners to Ukraine. The foreigners detained by Ukrainian border guards, after their identification, are to be held accountable for the attempt to break the border.

In addition, representatives of the operative and search unit of the Eastern Regional Directorate received a report about the possible presence of a group of illegal migrants in a private home in Kharkiv. With the permission of the owner of the apartment, law enforcement officers checked the stated place for the presence of foreigners. Indeed, there were four men of Asian appearance without any documents in the apartment. According to the detainees, they are citizens of Bangladesh and intended to illegally cross the border. The foreigners were transferred to representatives of the State Migration Service.

Border guards of the Lviv detachment detained three more Bangladesh citizens near the state border.

(Source: Ukrinform)