UNWTO calls on global community to support Sri Lanka tourism

Zurab Pololikashvili - Secretary General of the United Nation's World Tourism Organization

Secretary General of the UNWTO called on the global community to offer its unwavering support to Sri Lanka through Tourism at this critical moment noting that hotels, beaches and other sites of interests are open as usual.

In a video message published at Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Official Facebook page, the Secretary-General of the United Nation’s World Tourism Organization Zurab Pololikashvili states the following,

“I have had the privilege of seeing Sri Lanka emerge as one of the world´s great tourism success stories, the country offers a warm welcome to visitors from all over the world, regardless of nationality or creed.In return, tourism has provided many Sri Lankans with secure jobs, helping whole communities grow and develop. Tourism has also been a major factor in the past decade of national reconciliation, and contributed to bringing the people of Sri Lanka closer together.

Sri Lanka´s tourism sector is a beacon of hope and unity. That´s why those who seek to divide us, target hotels and other places where people come together. I offer my sincere condolences to those affected by the recent attacks, especially the families of the many victims.I also call on the global community to offer its unwavering support to Sri Lanka at this critical moment. The country´s hotels, beaches and sites of interest are open as usual and ready to welcome you and by continuing to offer our support through tourism, we can help Sri Lanka recover and continue on its path towards peace and prosperity”

UNWTO has also extended its immediate support for the recovery of Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka and a series of discussions have taken place between UNWTO Asia and the Pacific top officials and Sri Lanka Tourism Communications Team at the UNWTO Headquarters in Madrid, Spain following the Easter Sunday Attacks, a communiqué of SLTDA stated.

(Government News Portal)