Will abolish Executive Presidency if contesting – Speaker Karu

Karu Jayasuriya - Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said yesterday that if he were to contest the presidential election, his main objective would be to abolish the Executive Presidency.

In a media statement, the Speaker said a large number of people, including members of the Maha Sangha, clergy of other religions denominations, heads of various civic organisations, university dons and intellectuals in various fields, professionals, representatives of youth organisations as well as political activists had contacted and addressed him in various ways.

Some of them came and met him personally or telephoned him while others held media conferences and made an earnest appeal to him to come forward, for several reasons, as a candidate to contest the Presidential election.

The Speaker’s statemen adds: “Their common contention was that they were making this request because the country desperately needed a trustworthy leadership to protect democracy and establish a humanistic administration by eliminating the present political confusion prevailing in the country and establish a civilised and humane administration.”

The Speaker said he wished to express his gratitude to all parties including the Maha Sangha for reposing such trust and confidence in him. However, he could consider any request to come forward to contest the Presidential election only by joining hands with forces continuously committed towards the abolition of the Executive Presidency since 1995.

The Speaker said if he came forward as a representative of parties led by the United National Front it should happen with the blessings of all parties in keeping with the party constitution.

(Source: Daily News)