2019 Easter Sunday Terror Attacks: Suspect dies in hospital

Dead body legs

A suspect who was in remand custody in connection with the 2019 Easter Sunday terror attacks has died while under treatment at the Colombo National Hospital, Borella Police told the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court yesterday (January 5).

The 42-year-old passed away Tuesday night (January 04), Borella Police has told the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court.

The deceased hailed from the Kalmunai area.

Police told Court the deceased had first been admitted to the Prisons Hospital following an illness on November 23, 2021. He had been transferred to the Colombo National Hospital on December 05, 2021 for further treatment where he passed away.

According to a spokesperson of the hospital, the body of the deceased suspect is currently placed at the Colombo Police mortuary.