All emergency surgeries suspended at Embilipitiya District General Hospital due to Doctors shortage

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All emergency surgeries at Embilipitiya District General Hospital have been suspended for more than two weeks due to the shortage of anesthesiologists.

Embilipitiya District General Hospital is one of the main hospitals available for the people living not only in Ratnapura but also in Hambantota, Matale and Monaragala districts.

This situation has arisen due to the recent expatriation of the two anesthesiologists attached to the hospital.

Although another anesthesiologist was temporarily appointed to replace the expatriate doctors, it is reported that she has also left for overseas training.

In view of this situation, the director of the hospital is compelled to transfer the hospitalized patients to other hospitals for surgeries and intensive care treatment.

Meanwhile, the local residents allege that there is no way of performing an emergency caesarean surgery at the hospital at present.

The reports on the situation at Embilipitiya District General Hospital came weeks after the paediatric Ward at the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital was recently closed down after all three paediatricians who worked at the hospital migrated.