Allegations of white van abductions: CID informs court probe underway

Rajitha Senaratne

Special Investigative Division of the CID yesterday informed Colombo Chief Magistrate, Lanka Jayaratne that it was investigating the allegations made by Anthony Douglas Fernando and Athula Sanjeewa Madanayake at a press conference organized by former Health Minister, Rajitha Senaratne on November 10.

During the press conference, the duo claimed they had been aware of of assassinations, abductions, disappearances, robberies and transport of the 7000 tonnes of gold seized from the LTTE during the Mahinda Rajapaksa administration. The CID said that it was a criminal offence not to inform the police of criminal activities, under Article 102, 113 and 119 of the Penal Code.

The CID said it needed video footage from TV channels that were present at the press briefing.

Jayaratne ordered several media institutions to hand over the unedited footage of the press conference to the CID. Investigations commenced after a complaint was lodged by an individual named Kumudu Pradeep Sanjeewa. During the press conference, a person alleged that he had driven white van used to transport suspects who were killed and fed to crocodiles in a wewa in Moneragala.

(Source: The Island – By A.J.A Abeynayaka and Kashuni Rebecca)