Bond scam forensic report will be taken by next COPE Committee

Sunil Handunnetti

Former COPE Chairman, MP Sunil Handunnetti has instructed that the Central Bank bond scam forensic audit reports be kept at the COPE Secretariat as a confidential report until the next COPE Committee is established.

“This forensic audit focuses on the CBSL transactions between 2002 and February 28, 2015. Parliament’s COPE Committee had received five reports on Forensic Accounts.

The former chairman stated that as instructed by the Attorney General, these reports can be used only by the COPE Committee members and should be used only for legal purposes whilst emphasising that measures will be taken to keep the reports confidential,” a parliament communication department release said yesterday.

Accordingly, the former Chairperson stated that the forensic accounts have been kept classified and instructions have been given to the COPE Secretariat to proceed with the approval of its members, once the COPE committee is established.

COPE was called for today to discuss the future course of action based on the report and the committee meeting was cancelled given the prorogation of Parliament.

(Source: Daily News)