Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremasinghe

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the Buddha had never preached a dictatorial rule such as Hitler, Polpot or Idi Amin, but preached to rule the country based on the Dasaraja Dharmaya.

The Prime Minister made these remarks at a ceremony organised at the Maha Manthinda Pirivena in Akuressa, Matara on Saturday.

The Prime Minister further said that Buddha had preached on how to rule the country through many Sutras. “A king should follow the Dasaraja Dharmaya when ruling a country,” he said.

“Besides, the Buddha had preached on the Lichchavi precepts as well and as a democratic country, we should act accordingly and follow those people friendly ruling methods. The Buddha had never asked rulers to kill countrymen. Buddhism is against all forms of killings and torture,” he added.

The Prime Minister pointed out that King Dharmashoka’s ruling can be considered as an example for the Buddha’s teachings of just ruling.

“The Buddha had preached to the Lichchavis to meet frequently, discuss cordially and depart peacefully. That is how the Buddha preached on ruling a nation.He never asked anyone to be a dictator,” the Prime Minister said.

The PM said he would never hesitate to condemn a saying that a politician should be like Hitler, if such a statement was made in his presence.

He expressed his displeasure about the behaviour of the media in this regard. He added that if he made such a statement, the media would have attacked him continuously. He said certain electronic and print media kept silent on the thera’s anusasana.

He further said that as a civilised society and because the world respects the country for its Buddhist principles, democracy had flourished and helped the country move forward.

(Source: Daily News)